Alicia Munroe

Kind, Bouncy, idealistic and naive, in some ways Alicia is your typical junior doctor. she’s also super talented. Effortlessly brilliant and passionate about her chosen subject – medicine. Although she doesn’t initially come across as a confident medical professional, once she starts to work her brilliance shines through. Alicia is both clinically fantastic and great with people. Alicia is ALWAYS in a good mood and you might even catch her breaking out the odd dance move in resus whilst they wait for the patient to be brought in. She’s upbeat and a joy to have in the department, for those who don’t find her relentlessly cheerful, over eager, constantly babbling nature extremely irritating that is.


Alicia lived in Newcastle with her parents during her childhood and teenage years. She initially went into medicine as she wanted to make a difference for people. Growing up, her father showered her with attention, one of the reasons why she stayed in Newcastle to study so she could live at home.


  • Her favourite karaoke song is “Hit Me Baby One More Time”.
  • Alicia took a break from her F2 rotation and travelled to Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.
  • Alicia went to medical school in Newcastle and stayed at home.